A List of Special Organic Malts Used in Malting Process

There are a variety of organic malts available in the market for brewing organic beer. Some are specialty malts that have the highest quality. Here is a list of special organic malts that are used in the malting process by Jean Louis Dourcy.

  • Chateau Roasted Barley Nature:- This type of high roasted barley imparts a grainy, burnt, coffee-like flavour to the beer. The Chateau Roasted Barley also gives the beer a slight tinge of sweetness. It produces the lightest coloured beer and imparts a high roasted flavour with a dark mahogany colour. In addition to this, it imparts dryness to the stouts and organic porters. As per Jean-Louis Dourcy, this is one of the top-selling specialty malts.
  • Chateau Cara Wheat Ruby Nature:- This type of organic malt gives a candy taste with notes of biscuit and almond. It also imparts creaminess to the beer that it brews. This organic malt is best for flavour enhancement and colour adjustment. It is used in red ales, Belgian witbiers and other lighter beers.
  • Chateau Distilling Nature:-Organic in nature, this malt is used as a component in the production of whiskey. It can be easily fermented and has high protein levels. It is most popularly used in the distillation of scotch and whiskey.


  • Chateau Cara Clair Nature:- This is a type of Belgian caramel malt, which enhances the beer body along with providing the beer with smoothness. This is popularly known as Dextrin malt, used to enhance foaming and impart a biscuit note to the aroma of the beer.
  • Chateau Black of Black Nature:- This offers a greater advantage and imparts the aroma of the typical black malt. It darkens the colour of the beer and gives it elegant and roasted notes. Amber coloured beer can be easily brewed using this type of malt.
  • Chateau Melano Light Nature:- This type of malt imparts fullness and roundness to the beer, while enhancing its flavour. It is used mostly in dark beers, red beers and Scottish beers like Irish ales, amber ales and so on.
  • Chateau Pilsen Malt:- It is one of the lightest coloured malts that is best suited for decoction mashing. It has a sweet and strong flavour. Moreover, it contains the enzymatic property that makes it ideal to be used as base malt. It can be used for all types of organic beers and other lighter ones like the Lager and Piles.
  • Malt Chateau Buckwheat Nature:- This type of malt is used to produce sans gluten beer. It gives a nutty flavour to the beer. It is also used to produce speciality beers with high richness.
  • Chateau Cara Gold:- This is a strong beer with sweet caramel flavour and a distinct brown sugar and toffee taste. Additionally, this type of malt also adds a rich amber colour to the beer and is most popularly used in dark and brown beers  

    These are a few top speciality malts as per Jean-Louis Dorucy Feedback. Malts can be used for brewing all kinds of organic beers and beverages from the Pilsen to the dark Abbey and other types of organic beers. Belgian malts are of the highest quality and are known for their flavour, colour, yield and clarity of wort.

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