Top 5 Castle Malting Beer Recipes by Jean-Louis Dourcy

One of the best reasons to learn to brew is it helps to gain knowledge on various grains and ingredients. The best way to achieve this is by learning from a professional like Jean-Louis Dourcy who hold expertise in preparing different malting beer recipes.  Here are top 5 Castle Malting Beer Recipes by Jean-Louis Dourcy.

Belgian Saison Beer: This is commonly known as farmhouse ale and is a refreshing pale ale that is fruity, carbonated and spicy.

Beer recipe: In making this malting beer, malt ingredients used are Chateau Pilsen 2RS 17 kg/hl, Chateau Cara Clair 2 kg/hl and Chateau Wheat Blanc 2 kg/hl. Hops used are magnum 50g/hl, Mosaic 90g/hl, Aramis 50g/hl, and Perle 20g/hl. Moreover, 70 g of Safale Be – 134 is needed.

Making process:-

  • Mashing at different temperature for different minutes
  • Filtration where the wort is separated from the spent grain with water at a 75°C
  • Boiling is needed for 85 minutes and adds Magnum, Aramis, Perle, and Mosaic.
  • Fermentation is needed to ferment this mixture at 25°C with the specific yeast.
  • Lagering process matures during the 2 weeks at 2°C.

Triple Blond: As per Jean Louis Dourcy, Triple Blond is a highly preferred beer that is slightly gold and imparts a malty aroma. It has a delicately sweet taste and moderate bitterness.

Recipe: Chateau Pilsen 2RS 19.5 kg, Chateau Cara Blond 2.3 kg,  Chateau Cara Clair 1 kg and Chateau Wheat Blanc 1 kg. 70 g of Safale BE – 256 yeast and candy sugar white 0.6 kg.

Making process:-

  • Mashing is needed for 45 minutes that should be increased gradually and rest at a different temperature.
  • Filtration is required to separate the wort from the spent grain from water at 75°C.
  • Boiling is needed for 1 hour at 100°C and requires adding hop Polaris, sugar and other ingredients at a different temperature.
  • Cool down the mixture at 27°C then ferment at 27°C with the provided yeast and then leave it to lagering for 2 weeks.

Scotch Beer: It has a rich and dominating aroma and sweet malt flavor. It also imparts soft bitterness along with the roasted coffee aroma.

Recipe: Chateau Pilsen 2RS 14 kg, Chateau roasted barley 3 kg, Chateau wheat blanc 1 kg and Chateau peated 0.2 kg, 55 g of Safale yeast, 100 g Goldings pellets and 70g of fuggle pellets.

Making process:-

  • Malting is needed in 80 l of water at 62°C and rests at different temperatures for specific minutes.
  • Boiling is needed for 70 minutes and adds hop goldings pellets at the time of boiling and then hop fuggle pellets after an hour.
  • Ferment the mixture with the yeast at 25°C
  • Lagering is needed for 2 weeks at 2°C

Sahti Beer: As per Chronique de Jean-Louis Dourcy, this is a sweet amber beer that is available with floral, juniper, herbal and spicy aromas. This is most demanded traditional beer from Finland and is popular all over the world.

Recipe: Chateau Pilsen 2RS 17 kg, Chateau Rye malt 4 kg, Chateau peated 1 kg and Chateau Cara blond 1 kg, brewers gold 110 g and safale S-33 50-80 g yeasts along with Juniper berries 25 g.

Making process:-

  • Mashing is needed in 70 liters of water at 67°C and then increased gradually
  • During filtration, separate wort from the spent grain with the use of water at 75°C
  • Boiling is needed for 80 minutes and adds hop brewers gold, Juniper barriers
  • Ferment the mixture at 23°C with yeast
  • Lagering is needed for 2 weeks at 3°C

Brown Smoked Beer: This beer is red colored with red hints that impart baked bread, malty aroma, and woody smoke notes.

Beer recipe: Ingredients used are Chateau Pilsen 2RS 10kg, Chateau Pale Ale 3 kg, Chateau Minich 2 kg, Chateau Cara gold 4 kg, Chateau Chocolate  0.5 and Chateau peated 1 kg, Tettnang 50g, Magnum 50g and SafAle BE -256 50-80 g.

Making process:-

  • Mashing for 45 minutes at 62°C
  • Boiling is needed for 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Cool and then ferment at 23°C with SafAle BR-256
  • Lagering is needed for 15 days at 2°C

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