What are the types of Service offered in Malting by Jean-Louis Dourcy?

While following the Jean-Louis Dourcy review, it is clear that the team under the guidance of this expert general manager of Castle Malting provides a large number of services to clients and customers. The main emphasis is on maintaining high quality in the malt and final product delivered to each customer. Quality Analysis sheet is also available for the customers. The company provides a wide range of products that includes a standard base, customized base, specialty base and specialty malts as per the specifications of the individual customer. The company also provides a wide range of organic malt of phenolic intensity suited for distilling and brewing.

Why the services of Jean-Louis Dourcy are so popular?

This experienced professional is well known for his services as he includes both latest and traditional technology. The technology adopted ensures to maintain quality and is a revolutionary technology. Additionally, they offer a wide selection of roasted malts that come with exceptional aroma properties and taste. The brand supplies a large range of whiskey and beer ingredients along with technical support. So far the brewers and companies all over the world value the services offered by Jean-Louis Dourcy. This is the reason that over 2700 brewers in 146 countries choose this brand under the guidance of this professional brewer.

Chronique de Jean-Louis Dourcy also discloses that the company managed by this professional is dedicated to providing premium quality malts, a wide range of brewing essentials, brewer’s services, maintain quality and provides the comprehensive support of the team of professional brewers. He provides a wide range of products like malts, hops, yeast, spices, and sugar that are needed for beer and whiskey preparation.  

In addition to the services offered in Malting by Jean-Louis Dourcy, here are few other additional services that are not to be ignored:-

  • Provides malts in whole grains and even in crushed form.
  • Free technical counseling and support from professional and experienced brewers and consultants.
  • Opportunity to use laboratory and microbrewery for testing malts and learn to create new beer recipes.
  • Provides any type of malts as per each individual customer’s specification and requirement.
  • Provides the best quality consultation for any type of information, malting process, setting new beer business and other technical support.
  • Helps discover the malts that are world famous and provide unique beers.
  • Educate and guide brewers on the complete malting process and its complexities.

Chronique de Jean-Louis Dourcy further reveals that this is a team of professionals who are dedicated and committed to offering the best malt, raw products and other possible services of high standards. So far this team under the guidance of Jean-Louis Dourcy has gained a place in the hearts and minds of customers for various reasons. The team under his leadership definitely performs well and helps gain the opportunity to learn the perfect process of malting and deliver high-quality malt, beer, and whiskey to the global market.

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